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The release of my first children book 

Yes, I know.. I have been "out" for a while.. but "cooking". 

"The legend of the musical notes" is coming out next month! It is a story about friendship, purpose, journey and miracles.  “From joy to sorrow, from love to doubt, from saving to being saved, from smiles to tears” this wonderful journey can be my journey or your journey. We are creating the symphony or life adding notes every moment. We are composers and performers. 


Good night, my friends. The crickets are having a party near my window. And guess what... They are doing it with PASSION! -- Please.. don`t mind me! Just tryin` to write something here.. Yeah.. never mind..

Passion... I watched a movie tonight.. It is called Henri`s Crime with Keanu Reeves.. Wednesday Night - laptop movies. (just made that up) And a phrase in the movie caught my attention: " The real crime is not committing to your dream!" Is this true? How many of us are in a cage... locked a beautiful bird, for a crime we DID commit? Ohh.. but what is that crime.. you might ask.. Well.. I guess..for most of us.. it is not robbing a bank.. like in this movie.. (by the way.. Keanu  was innocent when he was imprisoned...  Not Keanu! but Henry, the character Keanu plays in the movie..- just want to clarify this.. maybe Keanu will read my post.. and sue me for the fact I said he was imprisoned.. .. LOL ! Well, he was not! He is a sexy, cute guy and a very good actor!... BUT--HENRY... HENRY was innocent when he was imprisoned..) Ok.. Enough with the movie.. What was I saying? Oh.. About OUR crime! What about.. Not being true to ourselves .. and to our true calling!? How many of us feel like this? And where is the key? How many of us are afraid to follow our instincts and just like playing safe? Safe from what? From our true self!! From our aspirations! From our true values!  Is this safe? If safe means being locked in a golden cage..then.. I don`t want to play safe anymore! If safe is to turn my face from my own dreams, then.. I don`t want it! 

Hooray crickets and frogs! I`m coming outside!! Pour some wine in the cup of safety! I will turn it upside down in a minute! 

Good night and dream... wild!