Florys Violin Studio

-currently accepting only online students-


 If you live in my area (Michigan - USA) or you want some guidance on Skype, Zoom or FaceTime you can book me for lessons one by one. Please email me at:


or use the contact form attached on this page


WHAT TO EXPECT from Working ONE to ONE

"I can be your best friend, who listens and understands, but you can see me as  your worse enemy, because I will insist in creating good habits from the beginning.. We will tell jokes and make fun and we will be serious and working towards your goals, no matter their nature. Between black and white, we will put colors and we will work on "painting" your life the way YOU want it to be.  


The lessons are structured in 30 min, 45 min or 60 minutes, depending on the student's needs. 


What you will get:

-------30 min, 45 min or 60 min online violin instruction. on Zoom, Face-time or Skype

After the online lesson, my students will get additional materials to help them with their practice:

*scanned music containing my notes and fingerings

*videos or audios with the particular piece we are working on. The videos and audios are recorded and edited by me and they also contain specific information for each case and a good view of the fingers on the fingerboard. (for videos)

*original music composed by me for their needs and goals 

*help with replacing a broken string, with tuning or with other technical problems

*writing their favorite song if the sheet music for that song can not be found online

*creative homework - understanding more about our feelings: I like to combine music and other subjects like drawing and telling stories - exploring the creative nature inside of us and bringing original ideas to life.


 "Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time. "

Thomas A. Edison